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Electrical Trades Persons Down Under Seminar

(Formerly the Electricians Seminar)

The pathways to gaining an Australian Electrical License and Permanent Residency

Skill Shortage Solutions will be holding seminars for Irish & UK Electricians, Refrigeration Mechanics, Instrument Technicians and E&I Technicians who are interested in moving to Australia both short and long term.

Our seminars will provide detailed information on:

The pathways to gaining an Australian electrical licence and Permanent Residency

Migrating to Australia and the various visas available to Irish & UK Electricians.

Information on work opportunities in Australia for licensed Electrical Trades People, including presentations on several of our current clients employment opportunities, all of these companies are currently looking for Australian Licensed Electrical Trades People from the UK and Ireland.

The seminars will be presented by Michael O’Keeffe General Manager of Skill Shortage Solutions.

Michael is an Irish born Electrician by trade. He has spent almost 2 years in Australia working in both the labour hire and electrical industry. Michael is an expert in converting Irish and UK Electrical Trades People into Australian Licensed Electrical Trade People. He has already assisted hundreds of Irish and UK Electrical Trades People in gaining an Australian Electrical license while working for Skill Shortage Solutions; Michael is also in constant contact with our Director Jason Greene who is now based in Perth and concentrating all his time into increasing our employer data base and seeking work and visa sponsorship opportunities for Irish and UK Electrical Trades People. Especially Electricians, Refrigeration Mechanics, Instrument Technicians and E&I Technicians.

Location DateStart timePriceRunning timeSeating
The Red Cow Inn, Naas Rd, DublinTBC12.30pmFree 2 HoursLimited
Skill Shortage Solutions Office 2, 21-22 Rocksavage Business Centre, Anglesea St, Cork CityTBC12.30pmFree 2 HoursLimited

Please note the next Electrical Trades Persons Seminar will not be held until some time in 2014

If you wish to get a personal one on one phone seminar please click on the below link and fill out a license assessment form:

License Assessment Form

To book a seat at an Electrical Trades Persons Seminar, please complete the below form:


You must be a qualified Electrician or Refrigeration Mechanic or Instrument Technician or E &I Technician to attend the seminar.

These seminars are designed to combat Electrical Skill Shortages across Australia while also assisting Irish and UK Electrical Trades People to successfully migrate down under.

If you are an Australian employer interested in employing Irish & UK Electrical Trades People with the ability to hold an Australian Electrical License, then please do not hesitate in contacting Skill Shortage Solutions to find out about having your employment opportunities presented at the Electricians Seminars.

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